St.Theresa's Girls School,Bhopal
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  • At the outset, the circle, which embodies our school emblem, signifies infinite knowledge, wisdom, unity and wholeness of mind, body and spirit.
  • The open book stands for the vast ocean of knowledge, which the students imbibe during their lifetime.
  • The lamp is symbolic of the light piercing the darkness of ignorance around us and disseminating rays of knowledge, wisdom, love and compassion to the world in which we live.
  • Silhouetted in the background stands the Holy Cross, which signifies human suffering, sacrifice and victory leading to salvation of mankind.
  • In keeping with the vision of the Sisters of the Cross-and in response to the needs of the time, St. Theresa's Girls. School aims at forming well-integrated persons who will strive to transform society by meeting the challenges of life, by taking a stand for the poor and the marginalized and by emerging as 'Persons for Others'.
  • We hope and pray that each student, as she leaves the portals of the school lives up to this vision and enlightens the world into which she steps.


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