St.Theresa's Girls School,Bhopal
Academics- Curriculum Highlights

Education is not merely the development of mind. It aims at developing and training various life skills that include biological, psychological, spiritual and social developments. Knowledge is the source of education. We educate our students in a comprehensive manner. Our students are enriched with the lofty Indian traditions of self-dependence, speaking the truth, respecting elders, patriotism, punctuality, dignity of labour and regularity. These enliven the excellent academic and intellectual training they receive.

St. Theresa's Senior Secondary Girl's School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school has classes from Pre KG to XII std. with a strength of around 1800 students. They are handled by a highly qualified staff and personalized individual attention to the students is the hallmark of the institution. The school has been maintaining a high standard of excellence in the academic field and in every sphere of school activity. The school has been producing cent percent results in the Board Examinations consecutively for nearly a quarter century.

The unique feature of St. Theresa's Girls' School is that it symbolises the ideals of education expressed in and through moral and spiritual values, discipline and character, appreciation of our cultural heritage and cultivation of genuine devotion to God, respect to Gurus, Parents and Elders.

Academics is the stronghold of the school. Apart from the introduction of Computer Science as a subject from III onwards, keeping in trend with the global scene, we have computer-based learning at all levels.

The school also has a fully equipped computer and science laboratory to ensure creativity in learning. Our school library helps to instill the love of listening to and reading of books by its having shelves filled with the most recent literature for early childhood

Co-curricular Activities have an important place in the curriculum to bring out the best in each individual student. These activities help to identify the talent and fields of interest in students. To provide an overall development of the students, various co-curricular activities like Yoga, Karate, Music and Dance are conducted for children. They are put under the able guidance of trained teachers to achieve this task.

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