St.Theresa's Girls School,Bhopal
Academics- Admission & Withdrawals
  • Admission to Class I will ordinarily be made once a year and will close as soon as the seats are filled. Admission to the other classes will depend on the availability of seats in a particular class after the results.
  • Once a child is admitted, no fee will be refunded in case of withdrawal.
  • A month's notice shall be given in writing by the parents/guardians before the child is withdrawn, otherwise the fess of the current month will be charged. School Leaving Certificate will not be issued until all dues to the school are paid.
  • A student coming from any other school will have to appear for an entrance exam in the main subjects. Admission will depend upon her performance in it.
  • Any pupil coming to school fresh from home, should submit an official birth certificate from the municipality to verify the date of birth given in the admission form.
  • Pupils coming from other schools must submit the Transfer Certificate from the school last attended duly counter - signed by the Deputy Director of Education 1 Chairman CBSE.
  • A student may be removed by the school authorities on any of the following grounds: 
    (a) Behavioral problem.
    (b) Moral breach considered serious by the school authorities.
    (c) Failing two times in the same class.
  • Application for T.C should be submitted two days in advance.
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