St.Theresa's Girls School,Bhopal
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Education is not merely the development of mind. It aims at developing and training various life skills that include biological, psychological, spiritual and social developments. Knowledge is the source of education. We educate our students in a comprehensive manner. Our students are enriched with the lofty Indian traditions of self-dependence, speaking the truth, respecting elders, patriotism, punctuality, dignity of labour and regularity. These enliven the excellent academic and intellectual training they receive.

The unique feature of St. Theresa's Girls' School is that it symbolises the ideals of education expressed in and through moral and spiritual values, discipline and character, appreciation of our cultural heritage and cultivation of genuine devotion to God, respect to Gurus, Parents and Elders.

Confidence in a school comes from knowing and understanding what is happening within it. We hope you, as a concerned parent, will extend that knowledge through contact and discussion with members of staff and myself and take advantage of these occasions for consultation. It is important that mutual understanding and trust should be the basis of shared responsibility.

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